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Equestrian Consultant specialist in securing funds and growth
Equestrian business consultant and coachHere to support rural and equestrian entrepreneurs to build and grow better service businesses.

Equestrian Centre Growth and Funding Consultancy

Do you own a riding school or run an equestrian organisation? Are you focused on the daily tasks that working with horses involves, with no time or energy to consider how to grow it into a legacy for generations to come?

Connected Thinking PR is a specialist equestrian consultancy which focuses on helping owners of riding schools and those who run equestrian clubs and charities to grow and win funding.

With years of experience within the equestrian business as well as a deep and long-standing passion for horses, we founded Connected Thinking to help you to become more commercial, enabling you to focus on working with the horses and sharing the benefits they bring to humans of all ages and backgrounds.

If you love your lifestyle business with horses, we can help you to keep your dream, secure in the knowledge that you have a process in place to support it, your land, assets and skills in your riding school are being maximised and that we are in the background supporting your every step.

Connecting Thinking will look objectively at your operation, then create and implement the strategies necessary to ensure growth and attract funding.

Anne Clarke

Anne Clarke - Equestrian Consultant and Connected Thinking founder.

A Full Range of Consultancy Services for Your Riding School

We are a tight knit band of associates working together to provide a range of specialist equestrian services, such as business plan writing and implementation, marketing, branding, PR, as well as bid writing services.

We work with business partners who offer diverse services which complement the above, such as Land Use and Planning, Tax and Financial Planning and fully managed Stable Management Software to keep your business on track.

Why not have a look around our site? Or better still, contact us today on 01444 810686.

See what others have to say about our Equestrian Consultancy

Tessa Frost

I would just like to say a big thank you to Anne Clarke for her 5 programme. I never expected to have two business both making a profit by the end of it. I’ve had enough money to purchase things I only thought I was going to dream about. I look around me and feel very lucky.

Tessa Frost Hall Farm Stables
Shelley Pople

Anne has a wealth of knowledge, most of which we may never have known about. The result was the most amazing business plan, her associate accountant works very well together and they have lifted a lot of the pressure from us, which was badly needed. Using Anne will be the best investment you will ever make. There is nothing much she can't help you with, and a true professional.

Carolyn Bourchier

I cannot thank Anne enough for the help she has given me in the diversification of my riding school to a retreat for horses and humans. This is the beginning of a new chapter for me and my family and I would not have got to this point without the knowledge and guidance of Anne and the fabulous course members. I know the friendship and support will continue.

Carolyn Bourchier Black Pig Retreats
Riding School Proprietor

I was impressed with the knowledge and contacts Connected Thinking have, they led us to open up opportunities I was previously unaware of. Their professionalism and enthusiasm helped me gear up the business with a new found energy.

Riding School Proprietor
Jock McFarlane

Due to the knowledge, contacts and hard work Anne secured us match funding of £30,000. This project received a huge amount of press coverage as it was the first project of its kind within equestrian sport. As a result our membership increased significantly and it brought about more awareness of our sport.

Pauline Brimson

We would not have been able to secure funding without Connected Thinking, they understand what a funder is looking for, tailor this to our own needs and then put it across clearly so both parties benefit from the results. -

Business Coaching

Are you working just too hard at delivering services within your riding school, with inadequate rewards both financially and emotionally?

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Business Plans

Connected Thinking loves to work with equestrian organisations such as yours to help you to grow your business with long term strategies.      

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Land Use and Planning

Do you own land that could be more effective?  Could a redundant or under used building better support your operation?  Let’s kick start the process.

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Financial Tax Planning

Making robust and practical plans for the years to come will ensure that your riding school, charity or club is secure for you and future generations.

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When you think about your equestrian organisation, what image springs to mind? How would you like your customers to perceive you?

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Web Design

Is your riding school business, working for you 24/7 on the web?  A simple website which appeals directly to your target market is essential.

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SEO for riding centres.  We’ve all heard of it but what is it, exactly and why does it matter to your equestrian business?    

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You know that your equestrian organisation ticks all the right boxes…but does everyone else?  Don’t keep good news to yourself.  

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Public Relations

Every organisation, regardless of size, lives or dies on its reputation.  What others are saying about you, what you do and how you do it, is vitally important to the growth of your business.

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Riding Centre Software

Riding centre software by Stable Management is the ultimate system to help run your business. With a proven track record of over 10 years, this software will make a huge difference to streamline your yard.            

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Funding Applications

There’s no getting around the fact that to maintain safety standards and to provide enjoyable, satisfactory experiences for your target market in the local community, you may require externally sourced funding.      

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Resource Management

There’s Good News. Very good news, in fact: Your bid was successful and now you can draw down the funding to make that all important difference to your equestrian organisation. Well done!

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