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12 tips for goal setting within your equestrian business

12 tips for goal setting within your equestrian business

12 tips for goal setting within your equestrian business

The New Year is upon us and is laid out ahead like fresh untrodden sand. So let’s get ready to shape the future and make 2016 the life and business you have been dreaming of.

Firstly be careful not to fall into a trap of overwhelm trying to make it all perfect from the get-go, and ultimately loose motivation.  Instead take time to work through the following questions to create goals that will stick because they are aligned to your lifestyle and you really want them to happen, not because you feel you ought to.

So with you resolutions or goals at the ready, check and develop them with these 12 tips:

1. Do they match your values?  

Last year I had several goals, but by the end of the year I had not achieved one of them.  When I realised why, I discovered it was because it did not fit with my values of spending time with my family.  The goal I had set was completely the opposite, as it would have taken me away from my family, and it then became obvious why I had not achieved it.  So don’t waste time making pointless goals, dig deep to test if it fits with your heart’s desire before you go any further.

2. Keep a record of them.  

Once you have them write them down, create a spreadsheet, put them in an app or if you are like me make them visual by creating a vision board on Pintrest or old fashioned scissors and glue on a piece or board. You could even make a word cloud on Tagul which allows you to create a word cloud in the shape of a horse.  Whatever works for you and makes it a fun thing to return to.

3. Review Regularly

If you have made it a fun you won’t have any trouble revisiting them on a weekly and monthly basis to check in as this will move you forward. I love sitting down on Pintrest noting all that I have achieved.

4. Be Specific

Instead of saying I want more money, say I will have more money that will allow me to build my indoor school, vague goals can’t be reached or celebrated. Start to specify what it will look like, what surface you will use, what materials will it be made from and what equipment will you have inside.

5.  Is it achievable?

We want our resolutions to stretch us, but do check into how realistic it is, do some research first for example when building an indoor school can you actually get planning permission? Can I produce a viable business plan to raise funding? If not work back to a more feasible option.

6. Frame in positive

Instead of saying I don’t want to have to cancel lessons because of bad weather, tell yourself that I want to see my clients enjoying horse riding in clean and dry facilities so they can progress and enjoy their sport.

7. Capture the goal in your imagination

Visualise what people will say to you when you reach your goal and how will this make you feel, this makes it tangible and it will be easier to attain in reality. “Wow this school is amazing”, “This surface is a dream to ride on” and “Thank you for your hard work to make this happen for us”.

8. How will you measured it?

How will you know if you get there? Will you measured in numbers of new riders you will attract, or feelings of satisfaction seeing your customer’s faces.

9. Does it challenge you?

Goals are more likely to be successful when you are being stretched out of your comfort zone, but make sure you don’t panic and stick to these 12 points.  Don’t worry right now if it seems like a world away, just move forward to next point calmly and just keep moving on.

10. Put a time on it

It has been proven that bursts of 90 days are great for getting things done, can you plan out what you need to do to get the job done in manageable chunks.

11. Is it in balance?

Back to my goal for 2015 this was totally out of balance with my family life, if I had reached that goal it would have put a huge amount of pressure on me and had a negative impact.  Think things through before wasting your time on something that will negatively impact another area of your life, if it’s more I should, rather than I really want this check whether it is coming from external pressure or expectations rather than your inner voice.

12. Is it legal & ethical?

If it does not do good for all involved then it not something you should be pursuing, are you sure you can meet all the legal obligations and do this project properly. If not, is it worth pursing at a future cost further down the road?

I hope this helps you in your New Year resolutions and wish you all a super successful 2016.

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