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Business Plan And Why You Need One

Business Plan And Why You Need One

Business Plan And Why You Need One

The Connected Thinking Business Plan And Why You (Almost Definitely) Need One

If you run an equestrian organisation, we expect that your days are pretty much full, with very little time off even to have those “staring into space” opportunities: calm times in which you can reflect on where your business, club or charity is now and where you want it to be in a few years’ time. Planning for the future of your equestrian charity, riding school or club is important for its current and future stability, but how do you do it? Where do you even start when your day to day tasks take up so much time? We think we’ve got the solution: Ask Connected Thinking to create a business plan for you. Our tailor made business plans will offer you a user friendly, really useful, jargon-free road map full of hints and tips.

We’ll even do quite a lot of the work for you. So, what’s in a typical plan?

Detailed Business Analysis Plus You vs. The Competition

Your equestrian organisation will be described in detail from the point of view of impartial expert equine and business consultants – very powerful information indeed, although we do say it ourselves: where you are now, how you operate and your current resources. We’ll focus on your organisation’s “pluses” and “minuses” and how you compare to your competitors. A knowledge and clear understanding of your business and where you are in the marketplace is a powerful way to prepare for growth.

Clear, Focused Strategies for Funding and Growth

We’ll help you identify some achievable objectives and equally importantly, how to implement and develop these goals in practical terms that won’t impinge on the day to day running of your business. Connected Thinking will suggest ways to improve efficiency to maximise what’s already available. We’ll aim to save you money and help you grow.

Your Strategic Partners and Potential Customers

You’re probably aware that solid working partnerships within your sector are a highly effective way of supporting your equestrian organisation and securing its future growth. What you may not know is that unlike many other consultants, in addition to identifying your key strategic partners for funding, we’ll make contact with them, forging positive links early on in the process. A Connected Thinking business plan will inspire and reassure you, not least because it will all be there in black and white AND we’ll do the legwork, even down to setting up meetings!

Your future customers: how do you find them? We’ll research this area, too and even “warm up” some leads for you as part of our remit.

Your Marketing and Branding

Key to your equestrian organisation’s growth and success is knowing your target market and how to reach your demographic. A business plan will support you in all aspects of marketing, including a website (if you don’t yet have one), potential marketing collateral and even social media – a great way to become visible and to raise your profile. We’ll advise you how to get “out there”, which events to attend and how to do it. All vital stuff.

Financial Projections

A Connected Thinking business plan will outline your budget and projected forecast – in detail. Funding bodies will need these figures of course but you’ll find them invaluable, if not crucial, too: you’ll be able regularly to review your forecast as an effective frame of reference as your plan goes into operation. Don’t worry, though: you won’t need to put these figures together on your own. That’s where we come in. We’ll make sure that your forecast is challenging enough to be motivating but also realistic and achievable.

Easy to Understand

A business plan from Connected Thinking will, if this suits your needs, be delivered in Powerpoint. This format will deliver the plan in easy to absorb bite-sized sections, reducing the risk of information overload. We know that you’re busy, so our “delivery system” could be ideal if you use an iPad or other mobile devices. Easy!

And Finally…

We know, understand and love the world of horses and we appreciate the joys and challenges that working with them can bring. We’re business people too, however and we want your equestrian organisation to continue to thrive for generations to come.

Your tailor-made business plan is just a phone call away so contact us today to get started.