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Back to ‘Riding’ School Sale

Back to ‘Riding’ School Sale

Back to ‘Riding’ School Sale

I love this month, I always get that back to school feeling. 
Do you have this for your riding school business?
It’s that feeling you get with new stationery, new exercise books, and renewed energy.  It’s a chance to turn over a new leaf and start a new chapter.
For your riding school business, it’s a great time of year to maximise the last quarter of 2017.
Here are some ideas:


1. Take a look at your systems.

Where do you store information?  Is this all on paper or do you have a computerised system?  How do you take bookings?  Do you ask your clients to pay a membership fee to save time and improve cashflow?

2. What new equipment do you need to invest in?

Even little things can make all the difference to your daily routines and motivate staff.  If you have your sights set a bit higher – a clubhouse or a diversification project, can you get funding?  There are open rounds for LEADER funding and Sport England at the moment.

3. Should you try a new social media channel?

Not on Instagram yet?  Instagram is great for selling an aspirational lifestyle. It works best when you create beautiful imagery.  Think about creating areas of the yard that can be good background scenes.  What are your great views from your yard or out riding?  Paint a picture, tell a story of what it’s like to ride through imagery.

4. Get your dates out early

Review your events calendar – What will you do differently in 2018?  Don’t keep rolling out the same stuff.  Get more creative with your programmes.  One client, I work with was distraught when her Annual Show Schedule became corrupt.  Annoyed she would have to waste time typing it all out again.  Instead during our coaching call, we reframed this into a positive. She was then able to come up with new classes and ideas that went down a storm.  If this had not happened she would have rolled out the same programme.  But instead, she delighted her clients with new creative ideas!

5. How are your staff performing

How do you track performance? What can you put in place to improve efficiency?  Once you have set a task how do you follow this up?  What apps or systems can you use on your phone or computer to check progress of tasks you have delegated?
To celebrate ‘Back to School’ fever. I am offering a sale on my 5-month group programme, so that I can help you to make things happen.  If you sign up in September I will offer you a 20% saving.  Just jump over to this page for full details and book a call with me.  See what has happened to Carolyn’s business after taking up the course by reading this case study.