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British Carriage Driving

The preservation of this sport within Great Britain is the responsibility of British Carriage Driving, the country-wide governing body which is run mainly by volunteers!

They needed to attract new members in order to survive and grow,  we helped to attract 200 mature adults into carriage driving through Driving Back to Sport.


This project would have been a huge drain on the resources of the volunteers and small team of paid staff, but they could rely on us at Connected Thinking to support the bid and project manage funds once it was successful.  Here’s how we helped:

  • We supported the bid writing of a Sportmatch grant of £30,000, the first of its kind for any equestrian discipline
  • We found and selected appropriate venues, dates and UKcc coaches
  • We implemented an effective public relations campaign to promote the training events, tracking and reporting on the progress of the participants – all good news stories
  • We managed the customer service and selection process of the participants
  • We managed the participant data and worked closely with the volunteer treasurer to keep within budget
  • We worked with British Carriage Driving affiliated clubs all around the country to support the participants exit route and helped them create a welcoming environment so the participants would be retained as members in the future


A big success.  Our client achieved their remit to attract the required 200 participants and Sport England was delighted with our work.

Connected Thinking gained coverage for British Carriage Driving in the leading equestrian magazine Horse and Hound, as well as many regional newspapers and magazines.  As a result, we had over 100 enquiries in ONE DAY.

We received feedback from Sport England that our achievement was highly commended, not least because we actually exceeded our targets.  The Awards Officer from Sport England said, “It’s some of the most comprehensive and rewarding feedback I can remember seeing and a great lift for us here.  We don’t get out much and we often see projects only through emails…I can’t tell you how great it is to get news of such positive results”

What’s more, we discovered later that around 10 people from the programme went on to purchase driving ponies and that a large proportion of those that didn’t, went on to volunteer at driving events across the country.  Fantastic!

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