Branding your business for instant recognition


When you think about your equestrian organisation, what image springs to mind? How would you like your customers to perceive you?

Branding – Creating a Visual Identity

Your brand or visual identity is that guarantee of quality, designed to reflect the strengths of your business or organisation and what you do. Subtle yet vitally important, your brand should communicate your ideas, values and aspirations simply, making your organisation instantly recognisable and indicating to your customers what they can expect.

Rolling Out your Brand

Sounds complex? At Connected Thinking we will help you to define who you are and what you represent.  We then turn this into a visual medium.  Helping you to develop a “strategy” and applying the brand across uniforms, livery and website etc. to create a strong, coherent and memorable identity.

Here is a great example of branding that we created for a client:


Albourne Equestrian Centre Branding.

Team Kit Albourne Equestrian Centre

Team Kit and Uniforms for Staff