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Business Plans

Connected Thinking loves to work with equestrian organisations such as yours to help you to grow your business with long term strategies.

The Ethos behind the Business Plan

At Connected Thinking, we understand the equestrian sector really well.  With our fresh eyes and industry specialty, we have the expertise to support your organisation’s development. Our Business Planning services will help you to continue what you do best: working with horses.

Clean and tidy stable

Planning and organisation.

We’ll start with an in-depth fact find, encouraging you to identify what you’re looking to improve and why.  With our fresh eyes and expert industry perspective, you will uncover new ideas and embrace different challenges.

Making Connections

A key aspect of our work involves forging positive new connections on behalf of our customers to help them develop sustainable working partnerships.

At Connected Thinking, we understand fully how equestrianism fits into the priorities of local authorities, schools, colleges and housing associations.  We know that these organisations generally offer services in addition to their main remit – services with strong community benefits such as yours fit the bill perfectly.

Identifying Partners

We’ll identify the organisations that most closely match your values and help you build relationships with them. Therefore, should you require funding, for example, you’ll be able to make joint bid applications to strengthen and improve the chances of making that a successful bid.

Equestrian Consultancy finding partners

Finding partners with similar goals

Having listened carefully to your concerns, our consultant will present this to you as a tailor-made Business Plan specifically to support your organisation and help it to grow.


We’ll lay out clear no jargon guidance, pointers and tips on how to get the right assistance for your circumstances, what funding you could apply for, competitor analysis, financial projections, as well as detailed information to guide you in the right direction.

Ready to grow?  Contact us today and we can get started.