tax planning for the future |

Financial Tax Planning

Making robust and practical plans for the years to come will ensure that your riding school, charity or club is secure for you and future generations.

Future Planning

None of us relish the thought that we won’t always be here, so it’s easy to turn away from the issue and  unfortunately leave a potentially difficult (or expensive) heap of trouble for other people to sort out.

Ensuring that people of all ages and from all backgrounds continue to enjoy horse riding could be one of the most important aspects of running your business in the here and now.  A task that your children, should you be running a family business, will thank you for.

Financial Planning

We have a deep interest in and knowledge of the equine industry and the sporting sector in general, therefore we offer specialist financial services geared to your needs.  For the day to day management of your business and peace of mind, we can offer advice on all aspects of accounting and tax.


We can also ensure that you are tax compliant from a business and personal point of view, help you with enquiries from HMRC and offer VAT advice and planning.  If you’re looking to make investments, we can help you get started – or we can look at your current investment portfolio to see whether it’s working hard enough for you.

Your Legacy

You’re serious about the future of your organisation and what it means to your family or friends. Our estate and inheritance tax planning specialist can work with you to identify ways to minimise your exposure to inheritance tax liabilities.  We’ll review potential tax minimisation opportunities to help you make the most of the exemptions under inheritance tax rules, such as gifts and so on.

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