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Funding Applications

There’s no getting around the fact that to maintain safety standards and to provide enjoyable, satisfactory experiences for your target market in the local community, you may require externally sourced funding.

Funding Application Guidance

The good news is that there is financial support available and it could make a real difference.  Here at Connected Thinking, we know how to support and guide you to be in a position to be able to apply for funding.  We also know how to write and present a funding application that will boost your chances of success.funds-target

If you lack the necessary resources to prepare and write a bid, no problem.  Let our experienced and skilled consultant take care of it for you.  With an impressively high proportion of successful bids under our belt, we understand fully what funders are looking for.

Approaching funders with your application

Depending on your status (a charity, club or riding school, for example), we’ll discuss and identify the best legal structure you should adopt for your circumstances, the areas for which you need funding and will tailor your approach to a particular funder, bank or venture capitalist.  We’ll match what you deliver to a funding body’s expectations so that we work together to see things from the funder’s perspective, giving you that all important edge.

Interested in funding and keen to get started?

Contact Us and we’ll talk you through everything you need to know.