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Resource Management

There’s Good News. Very good news, in fact: Your bid was successful and now you can draw down the funding to make that all important difference to your equestrian organisation. Well done!

Resource Management

Connected Thinking can help you to manage the resources now at your disposal to achieve the best use of the funds and to ensure that they are allocated in line with the objectives and outcomes of the bid. We’ll look at your individual circumstances and carefully project manage your resources so that you obtain maximum, ongoing value to increase the viability of your organisation.

You may need to upgrade your facilities or purchase new equipment, for example.

Resource Management Infographic

Resource Management

What’s the best way to do this?

Which job takes priority?

How can you do it without it becoming an administrative nightmare?

Meeting the Criteria

Bear in mind that your funding allocation may have come with a series of stipulations and that you will need to use it as intended by the donors.

We’ll be happy to create and submit regular reports to the funding provider on how the resources are spent, giving you peace of mind and the ability to tick another potentially complex or time-consuming task of your list.

Good news, followed by more good news then. Contact us today to keep that feeling going.