Riding centre software by Stable-Management

Riding Centre Software

Riding centre software by Stable Management is the ultimate system to help run your business. With a proven track record of over 10 years, this software will make a huge difference to streamline your yard.

The Industry Standard

Stable Management began development of the riding centre software back in 2004.  Today, it is is regarded as the industry standard tool within the equine industry.  It really helps to streamline your business, saving time and money for your administrators and managers.

The software works on many levels: from front of house to financial reporting, management accounts, processes, marketing, and daily yard management.

Those scraps of paper you have shuffled around your desk for years can no longer cut it.  The errors from unreadable handwriting and the unrecorded lessons or notes will truly be a thing of the past.

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So what can the riding centre software system do:

The system has grown up in yards so it can pretty much cater for any type of service you offer.

  • Lessons planning and scheduling
  • Livery client management
  • Clients management and reporting including financial controls
  • Horses lesson planning, care and reporting
  • Marketing reports based on given criteria and email extraction
  • Management reporting including accounting and business analysis
  • Risk and accident reporting for use on a daily basis and in more extreme cases such as defense against prosecution

Powerful Reporting Tool

The main aim of the Stable Management Riding Centre Software is to make life easier by reducing the work you have to do.   Collating all the information you enter over time, the system becomes a powerful reporting tool with which you can analyse your business on so many levels.

The easy to use interface is quick to master.  It has a small learning curve for daily administrators who only have access to the bare minimum of features.  For managers, more advanced features are available.

Forecasting and monitoring results is now a click away. We can see how your lesson density is growing and if not we can delve deeper to see why and where the drop offs are.

We can produce reports and figures that can directly be used to help obtain funding from Sport England and other funding bodies.

The riding centre software comes with a  Lifetime Support and Upgrades Plan that makes sure your continued use of the software really benefits the business. We also provide training days for centres and online courses  via Skype.


Sounds like this software could help you?

Why not submit the enquiry form and complete some quick questions so Stable Management can see how the riding centre software can help you?    This could be a serious time saver for your business.

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Riding centre software by Stable Management