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What happens when you de-clutter, cleanse and organise?

What happens when you de-clutter, cleanse and organise?

What happens when you de-clutter, cleanse and organise?

It may seem like a simple thing to do. But clearing out is so powerful.  It’s why it’s the first thing I tackle with my coaching clients.
Are you surrounded by things that annoy you in your riding school? Items that you do not love or cause you stress when you look at them? These things divert your energy into a negative space.
Being in a negative mindset, makes it impossible for you to reach your goals.
I try to live by this mantra from William Morris:
“Have nothing in your house (or riding school – I’ve added that) that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

For example if you get out of bed every day and open the curtains which keep falling off their runner. You immediately start your day in a negative space.
Or you walk into your yard office with piles of papers and dusty old magazines that need sorting – your heart sinks.


Don’t become numb to clutter!

It’s very easy over time to become numb to these feelings. But they are having a negative impact on your ability to move forward closer to your goals.
When you rid your space of clutter, you can focus more on the things that are important to you. You may have to make some tough decisions to get to where you want to go.
For example when I set up my business cash was very tight.  I had left paid employment at the British Equestrian Federation.  I had to work out what was important to me right now.  For me, I knew keeping up my daughter’s education was most important, so to achieve this I decided to sell my horse.
I also needed to put money into my business and reinvest any profits into my growth.  My biggest investments have been:
1. My coaching qualification 
2. Employing a businesses coaches for myself
3. Investing in my stand at the Farm Business Innovation Show.
Over the following years to keep up the payments of her schooling, and investing in my business. I have sold off many other items that I owned.
Yes, it has been very tight for some years, but I knew that I had to make this sacrifice. We had car boot sales, I was constantly listing items on eBay to keep all the plates spinning.


One of my clients said about the process I took them on:
“In a bid to help us feel better emotionally, physically and mentally as well as move the business plan forward, Anne suggested that we had a good clear out and sold anything that didn’t fit with our vision.  This was incredibly positive!”
Carolyn Bourchier


Commit to yourself, streamline to your vision

It’s almost a way of making a commitment to yourself, showing yourself you mean business.
You have to go through the pain barrier, or many pain barriers to get to the other side.  If you don’t get clear and make a strong commitment then you will keep going round in circles and get stuck. You will never pop out the other side.
I love the image below from comedian Demetri Martin on what “success” really looks like. This describes exactly what I am trying to say:
Having a goal that you feel so strongly and passionate about keeps you persistent. This is what you need when you are stuck in the jumbled up stage. It will be the thing that helps you pop out the end.
Once you make it to the other side you do realise how much you can do without stuff. I rarely buy stuff now. But when I do, I buy things to last and of high quality. Things that I know I will wear, use and enjoy.
Most importantly as I have clear goals. I buy only products or services for my personal life or business, that will get me closer to my goals.


Do you have goals you are continually not reaching?  Do you want to find out why?
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