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About us

Connected Thinking is the only business coaching and consultancy in the UK to specialise in the development and growth of equestrian centres.  It was founded by Anne Clarke, whose childhood love of horses has turned into a way of life.

Just a little girl who loves horses…

Growing up, there are defining moments for most of us.  For Anne, it was when she met one of the volunteers at her Mother’s Riding for the Disabled group who asked her what she wanted to do when she grew up, and the answer was of course “horses”.  This kind and inspiring man advised her if she really wanted to work with horses she must go to university so she can learn how to make a decent living in the equine world – rather than state the traditional notion “There’s no money in horses”.   His wise words made quite an impression, and it set her on the challenge.

Anne Clarke of Connected Thinking

Anne Clarke Equestrian Consultant.

Anne’s commitment pays off

Learning to ride at a riding school and pleading for a pony of her own, at the tender age of 13 Anne’s Mum and Dad committed to fund a pony’s ongoing costs now that she had saved up enough money to buy one.  She was, in her own words, “the luckiest girl alive“.

Anne acknowledges that her love for her little grey pony, who became a common bond in the family, kept her on the straight and narrow in her teenage years.  She’s proud of the fact that she developed the commitment and discipline to embrace carriage driving, even competing at the National Championships.

Wanting to draw from other experiences and bring new ideas and concepts into the equine world, she decided to take a BA in Marketing Design rather than studying at an equine college.  And this is something that has stuck with her throughout her career – enjoying spending enough time outside the industry to network bringing fresh ideas back and also to understand the perceived perceptions and barriers of potential customers.

Her final year dissertation concerned the effectiveness of sponsorship in equestrian sport; so at last she had found a way to combine her skills and her passion, with her dissertation helping her to gain her first clients.

How she acquired her funding skills

Anne worked for the British Equestrian Federation, supporting the role out of Hoof, the Olympic legacy project aimed at encouraging more people to take up horse riding in the run up to London 2012 and beyond.  This is where she honed her skills in seeking and applying for funding and opened up a wealth of opportunities that equestrian centres can tap into.

Indeed, her career since university has been a joyous combination of business and horses and now, having founded Connected Thinking, it is her privilege and pleasure to help equestrian organisations such as yours to inject some powerful new ideas and to help you apply for funding.

Her passion is to protect equestrian centres for future generations…

Bringing together not only Anne’s skills, but the complementary expertise of a small team of close knit associates, Connected Thinking aims to help your equestrian organisation grow and develop.

We’re here to help you continue to enjoy what you do for years to come and for your riding school, equine charity or riding club to be passed down to the next generation as a thriving, viable concern for you and your family but also ensuring future little riders have access to these important community assets.

If you’re a new entrant to the equestrian world, such as hotel chains and land diversifications, we can help you navigate the market, and protect your investment.

Anne is a registered and approved Growth Coach for GrowthAccelerator helping ambitious businesses achieve rapid and sustainable growth by providing tailored expert advice in her niche of equestrianism and is a member of the Country Land and Business Association.

Our founder exudes happiness she has found her niche in life.  You have too, so let us help you continue to do so.

What can we do for you?  Use the following link to discover our fully project managed services.