Are they jealous of my equestrian centre business?

Is this jealousy or should I self-reflect?

Is this jealousy or should I self-reflect?

Is this jealousy or should I self-reflect?

Everyone has experienced negativity within their business. This could be from what people are saying about you or general vibes you have been picking up.
Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the reasons for that negativity. Could it be that people are jealous of you?
In our industry, you may own land and equestrian facilities that many people deeply desire. So it’s easy to see how this can be a commonly held view.
You have worked hard for this and quite rightly should be very proud of what you have achieved. But should you brush it off with “well they are jealous of me” or should you self-reflect?

Enjoy the journey

Life is a learning journey. Each negative incident is a chance to learn something new that can take you to new heights. So by having the ability to self-reflect is a great skill to enable you to get the most out of bad or awkward situations. Is there anything I can change in my attitude or behaviours that will make my passage through life easier?
Remember you can only change yourself, you cannot and should not try and change others. You can change how you feel about people that you may not like very much. Take time to see things from their point of view. What might be going on for them that is making them react this way to you?
Generate some empathy towards them. Try and let go of any attachment to an outcome when you think about them or are in their presence. Then see how the relationship will take on a whole new energy, and I bet the communication becomes easier.
I struggle to see the necessity of conflict. I like to live in a bubble! But can see how conflict it’s formed. This is important when you are planning PR and building relationships with stakeholders who influence your business growth. But actually, conflict is very much a necessity, so that we can evolve. Conflict acts as an invitation for you to understand what it is within you that you still haven’t addressed. It can be applied to both sides of the party. Those who find themselves having jealous feelings and those subjected to them.

Don’t get Stuck in a loop

If you chose not to address the issue and move on it will keep appearing as you progress along your journey. If you find yourself stuck in a pattern, and the same problems keep appearing. Think about what it is teaching you. What can you learn from this so I can move forward onto a higher plain?
There will always be something to test you. Once you have learnt one lesson, there will be another. But you grow stronger and deeper as a person each time.
At some point, we’ll all make stupid decisions, hurt people, say things that are hard to take back, and push too hard to get our own way. None of that makes us a bad person. It makes us human. We mess things up, we grow and we learn.

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