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1.    What funding is available to rural business and sport

2.    What you need to have in place before you start

3.    How to engage your staff in the process, to write a bid with ease

4.    Who you need to influence and how to do it

5.    How to gather evidence to support your application

6.    5 killer questions you need to answer

7.    The blueprint for a great application

8.    How to make your bid stand out from the crowd 

9.    6 things you need to do before writing

10.  How to cost out and budget your project

11.  How to write and format your bid

12.  Online tools you can use to cheat your way to being a great bid writer


Anne Clarke has worked in the equestrian sector for 15 years spanning PR & marketing, sponsorship, event management and bid writing. She has worked for the British Equestrian Federation, running the Hoof Network, a 2012 Legacy project to support businesses operating in the sector.

Her passion for protecting equestrianism at grassroots, led her to set up Connected Thinking to support owners and operators of equestrian businesses who find themselves stuck.  She helps her clients by a mix of business coaching to uncover the vision and passion of the business owner and consultancy that transform ideas into reality, drawing upon her wide network and expertise to get them quick and effective results.

She never forgets that she was once a little girl who just loved horses! And she loves her job - because better businesses in the sector means more people can access these beautiful creatures. 

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