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Pippin Equestrian

Pippin Equestrian is a riding school and career training centre, founded by an award-winning coach with a speciality of working with young people.  The owners realised they simply could not do everything!  So they called in the experts at Connected Thinking.


Here’s how we helped:

  • We created a tailor-made, focused business plan, summarising their current position, where they wanted to be and importantly, the necessary steps to get there.  The plan featured plenty of links and pointers on how to get the information and to make the contacts they needed.
  • We went further, though.  We helped to broker those all-important links, ensuring that a whole new world of valuable “warm” contacts was opened up, contacts ready to work with Pippin Equestrian straight away.
  • Connected Thinking created and left with Pippin a highly effective template bid application for Sportivate Funding, which targets semi sporty youngsters to get more physically active.


A fantastic result: a very happy client as the business had its most successful quarter in several years.  That’s not all, though.  The owner decided to establish a charitable arm as an adjunct to the riding school, supporting young people with a range of needs. We’re also delighted to report that we secured a total of £4,500 to enable the school to continue its valuable work with young people.  And our template? It was used again and secured yet more funding.

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