Reflect on 2015: A closing ceremony for your horse business - Equestrian Consultancy

Reflect on 2015: A closing ceremony for your horse business

Reflect on 2015: A closing ceremony for your horse business

Reflect on 2015: A closing ceremony for your horse business

Now is a great time to reflect on the year that has been, what you have achieved and create some space around you to work out what you liked and what you disliked about 2015 in your horse business.

Working with horses in business means your life is busy, often unpredictable and times flies by pretty fast, especially in the winter months with limited light and all those extra family commitments around Christmas.

But a time for reflection is important, and I encourage you to do this by taking some time to understand yourself and your feelings, perhaps after a nice bath or sitting by a cosy fire with your favourite drink in hand and a notepad to scribble your thoughts.

Are you ready?

Get fully present, try printing this page out or copy the questions into your notepad so you can switch off all your electrical devices and go deep into this exercise.

The first is a quick fire 10 things you have achieved this year to start you off, you may struggle as you reach the end but don’t be scared to put down some small wins (they all count)…get them down and genuinely be happy for yourself just as you would a dear friend or a child.




4.                                                            Come on keep going….




8.                                                            Nearly there…however small they are, get them down






Next this exercise will help you bring about a change in 2016, but first you need to dig into the issue and identify your deepest feeling of unhappiness or stress.


Awareness:  What has made me unhappy or stressed this year?

e.g. Lack of time and rushing.


Acknowledge:  Why this issue is showing up and what it means to you to change?

e.g. I need to change so I can find more time to enjoy my family life.


Question: Why has this issue manifested in my life?

e.g.  I like to look busy as I am scared of failure, so if I am active I am achieving aren’t I


Challenge: What can I do to change this situation?

e.g.  Say no more, ask for help, get organised, stop wasting time on XYZ


Change: Why do you need to change this?

e.g.  This is not how I want to live my life


I hope this has helped you reflect on your year and celebrate your successes, and bring about an important change in your life that you’ll be able to start to implement and move forward in 2016.

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